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How can a chiropractor help in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

May 24


Did you know that one in 3 people will be affected by carpal tunnel syndrome? If you're one of those suffering from this condition, you might be searching for ways to get relief. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated using chiropractic treatment. Here's what you need to know about how chiropractors can help and what kind of vitamin is best to treat carpal tunnel?

1. What is carpal tunnel syndrome and what are the signs?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes numbness and pain in the wrist and hand. The median nerve compresses from the forearm to the hand and can cause symptoms. This can occur when the wrist is bent for prolonged periods of time, or if there's inflammation. Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to dexterity problems and hand weakness. There's no treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. However, there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. These include stretching rest, splinting, and pain medications that are available over the counter. In the case of severe cases, surgery may be an alternative. Consult a doctor when you think you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.


2. How can chiropractic care treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the hands and wrists, causing the hands to feel numb, painful, and tingling. The condition is caused by pressure on the median nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel, which is a narrow wrist passageway. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with chiropractic care to reduce the pressure on the median nerve. One way chiropractors do this is by adjusting the bones of the wrist and hand to alleviate pressure off of the median nerve. Chiropractic care may prescribe stretching and exercises to ease discomfort. Chiropractors may recommend nutritional supplements, such as vitamin B6 to ease pain and inflammation. Through an integrative method of treatment, chiropractors can help patients find relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.


3. Are there any risks associated with chiropractic care for carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There are many treatments available for carpal tunnel syndrome. But, some individuals prefer chiropractic care. There are risks with chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel disorders (e.g. nerve injury or tissue damage), but these risks are typically minimal. When compared with other treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome like surgery, risks associated with chiropractic treatment are rather low. Chiropractic treatment can also successfully alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It's worth a look for people who have this condition.


4. Chiropractic care could help in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome from developing?

Chiropractic treatment is a well-known treatment option for patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome but there is debate over whether it's a way to stop the condition from developing from the beginning. Some chiropractors claim that regular adjustments are able to keep the wrist aligned and reduce pressure on the median nerve. Others contend that there is no evidence to support this assertion. However, many who seek chiropractic care for other ailments report relief from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, research has shown that chiropractic treatment can reduce inflammation and improve the range of motion within the wrist. This means that chiropractic care may help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from developing, although further research is required to confirm this.

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