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How to Use Prolordotic Neck Exerciser

Mar 11

Each activity we do today puts our necks at risk. No matter what we do, our necks begin to sag.

Pro-Lordotic's neck exerciser helps maintain normal alignment of the cervical spine. During this five-minute postural/structural correction home treatment session, active extension is done to the entire cervical spine.

This home machine is the only one that can offer strong rehabilitative stretching to the anterior cervical structures. You can also remove thinned and scar tissue with this device. It can also be used for strengthening the anterior cranial cervical, and flexors. It has been proven to improve neck pain and head posture. It may also be helpful in headache relief.

Basic Pro-lordotic Neck Exercise

  • You should keep the pro-lordotic neck exerciser behind your neck. Point your fingers outward. Next, extend your arms outwards and relax your neck.

  • You should extend your arms fully. Pull your lower neck forward. Stop extending your arms if you feel pain in the neck or upper back. As you move further, you'll feel less pain over time.

  • Your arms extended and your lower neck straight, you can now extend your head forward. This will stretch your neck muscles. If you feel no pain, your head can be retracted to its full extent. Stop extending your head if you feel pain.

  • With your head extended, you can move your fully extended arms forward and backward. This is called a "pumping motion."

  • Begin by lowering the neck exerciser towards your lower neck. After about 3-4 repetitions, adjust the angle of the pull so that it pulls towards the middle of the neck. Your arms should be bent at about 15 degrees. After three to four repetitions, adjust the angle of pull until your neck is pulled upwards. Your arms should be approximately 30 degrees upwards.

Which Options Are There?

The Pro-lordotic neck exercises comes in three different options. First, you should consider the Red Easy Pull. This product is recommended for those with weak grip strength, such as children or the elderly.

The Blue Medium Pull might be next. This pull is suitable for both small and large adult females. The last option is the Green Strong Pull.

This is the strongest option, and it's best suited to adult males as much as strong adult women.

You will need to assess your grip strength in order to find the best one. For greater effectiveness, you will need to do more neck exercises. You will find it easier to grasp the next item as your grip strength increases.

It is Effective?

You will see a change in your posture over time.

What should you do after you've started neck exercises pro-lordotic?

It is normal for you to feel soreness in the neck and upper shoulders when you begin these exercises. Muscle soreness should be limited to a few hours. Your reaction to the exercises could be worse if you do them too quickly or too often. It is impossible to reduce the repetitions or the force you use when exercising. Consult your Chiropractor.

The Pro-lordotic neck exercises should not be used if you have dizziness, vertigo, or loss of consciousness. If your neck is weak or has suffered from a spinal tumor, stroke, infection, surgery fuse, stroke, damage, or weakness, you should not use the Pro-lordotic neck exerciser.


This pain can be relieved in many ways. Pro-lordotic Neck exercises are the most popular. It is a neck resistance band that can be worn around the neck. It claims to align your spine.

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